The foundations of MIM

The Management Institut für den Mittelstand (MIM) is both a conception and implementation partner. As such, MIM relies on a combination of proven know-how and scientifically founded information research and communication skills. MIM is based on two pillars: MIM practice and MIM expertise.

MIM practice is the operational pillar of MIM. Our competence partners help medium-sized companies define and implement their corporate strategy, improve business and performance processes including personnel and organisational issues and internal and external communication.

With the platform MIM expertise, MIM provides senior executives and specialists of medium-sized companies with the management knowledge that is required for the long-term success of their company. On our own initiative or on behalf of clients, MIM carries out studies on issues relevant to SMEs, publishes the results, offers seminars and workshops on selected management themes and future topics, and organises so-called SME Dialogues aimed at promoting cooperation and networking. 

"The interaction of MIM practice and MIM expertise enables us to offer our clients agile, future- and practice-oriented services.”

Key topics

The MIM smartiligy® solution 

smartiligy® is the smart and systematic development and expansion of corporate agility.

Are you prepared for megatrends?

MIM 's surveys on megatrends for medium-sized companies.

The integrated corporate brand

Staying competitive – a strong brand pays off!