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MIM's competence partners are all well aware from their own experience of the challenges facing entrepreneurs and the solutions that can be applied. Get to know us and form a first impression.

MIM partners

Dr. Andreas J.G. Rauh

Managing Partner
// Strategy and Corporate Management

Dr. Andreas Rauh has 25 years' management experience in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, where he has held positions as senior vice president and managing director. He studied chemistry and chemical technology and did his PhD in molecular genetics at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin. He also holds a postgraduate diploma from the Kellogg School of Management and the SGMI Institute of Management in St. Gallen.


  • Development and implementation of corporate, divisional and product strategies
  • Support for the integration, reorganisation and divestment of companies and business divisions
  • Development of management and corporate structures
  • Development of measures in response to megatrends and their effects
Dr. Rainer Wessel

Managing Partner
// Business Development, Innovation Management, Cooperation

Rainer Wessel has more than twenty five years of international management experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, including six years in the field of IP & Licensing at Boehringer Ingelheim and Qiagen, nine years as CEO of biotechnology companies Axxima and Ganymed, and five years as director of the German immune intervention Cluster Ci3, in the Rhine-Main Area. Since May 2019 he is Director Innovation Management at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg.
He holds a PhD in molecular biology from the University of Konstanz and is a Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds (PhD scholarship) and German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) alumni (Language & Practice in Japan program). From 2004 to 2015 he was member of the Board of BioDeutschland, the leading German biotechnology industry association.


  • Establishment, development, coordination, management and restructuring of technology companies
  • Analysis and structuring of technology portfolios, development of business plans and financing strategies
  • Initiation, structuring, negotiation and coordination of technology collaborations and licences
  • Strategic and organisational support for intellectual property rights and technical contracts
Sebastian Bartels

Senior Partner
// Corporate Communication and Design 

Sebastian Bartels is a communication designer and Managing Director of Bartels + drescher designagentur in Darmstadt. He is a photographer by training and a lecturer in Communication Design at the Ansbach University of Applied Science in Bavaria, where he has taught since 2014. 


  • Conception, development and implementation of corporate designs
  • Consulting, conception and creation of corporate and employee campaigns
  • Strategy, positioning and artwork for trade fairs as well as external and internal events
  • Conception and design of websites, multimedia applications/games and moving images
Jörg Drescher

Senior Partner
// Communication Strategy, Creative Conception, Advertising 

Jörg Drescher is a communication designer and Managing Director of bartels + drescher designagentur in Darmstadt.


  • Consulting, conception and creation of strategic and operational communication measures
  • Analysis, structuring, preparation and presentation of information
  • Conception, implementation and execution of new product launches and product campaigns
  • Creation of individual print communication and interactive presentations

MIM competence team

Jürgen Dörmeier

Senior Competence Partner
// Finance

Jürgen Dörmeier is Dipl.-Economist and has over 20 years‘ management experience. He is covering all financial and administrative aspects (operational and strategic) and was amongst other positions Managing Director of a Venture Capital Fund and of a Cluster Management Company.


  • Interim-CFO
  • Supporting the formation and funding of innovative high-growth companies
  • Establishment and improvement of administrative structures and processes
  • Management of grants
Sascha Eschmann

Senior Competence Partner
// Innovation and Society

Sascha Eschmann (Dipl. -Media Scientist) has 15 years of experience in advising medium-sized and large companies. His focus is on a holistic view of the sustainability of society and its systems such as education, business and politics. He is founder and managing director of future flux and MySocialCity and director of the international trend network La Futura.


  • Quantitative user research with methods from Design Thinking
  • Planning and implementation of strategic and participatory workshops
  • Development of products, services and business models for sustainable and responsible companies
  • Consideration of megatrends (e. g. digitalisation) and their effects on society, companies and people
  • Impulse lectures, keynotes and moderation


Gisa Garmer

Senior Competence Partner
// Human Resource Management and Coaching

Gisa Garmer has 17 years' experience in human resources and organisation development in a broad range of industries and companies. She studied English and French Language and Literature as well as Pedagogical Studies in Münster and is a certified coach and systemic organisation consultant. Amongst other things, she has worked as a marketing executive in Paris and London. 


  • Development and implementation of concepts for HR and organisation development
  • Assistance in personnel selection and potential analyses
  • Design and implementation of management and staff training programmes and coaching
  • Moderation of strategy meetings and workshops
Dr. Michael Gerards

Senior Competence Partner
// Innovation Management

Dr. Michael Gerards is a chemist with over 20 years' management experience in various high-tech sectors (materials for the automotive, energy, nanotechnology, electronics, product safety/brand protection, display industries) of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Prior to joining MIM, Michael Gerards was Director Innovation Management of a DAX company.


  • Development and implementation of innovation processes
  • Planning and execution of innovation workshops using state-of-the-art techniques
  • Consulting and training in the field of innovation culture and strategy, business model and cross-industry innovations.
Jurgita Janickaite

Senior Competence Partner
// Portfolio and Project Management

For 19 years, Jurgita Janickaite has accompanied and advised numerous national and international projects on the transformation of corporate strategies, change and implementation of business processes, organizational structures and business software solutions. She studied International Business Administration at the Schiller International University in Heidelberg, is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) and a certified BDVT trainer.


  • Preparation, planning, execution and coordination of projects  
  • Establishment and management of advanced programme management offices (PMO)
  • Implementation and establishment of project management standards and methods
  • Evaluation and assessment of project and organisation maturity
  • Mentoring of project managers and project teams
  • Moderation of workshops and management of project management seminars
Ralf-Michael Lüters

Competence Partner
// Brand Management and Marketing

After following a traditional career path in marketing with positions as brand assistant, international marketing manager and marketing director in renowned international product and online companies such as Procter & Gamble, Lindt & Sprüngli and eBay, Ralf-Michael Lüters has been a consultant, trainer and interim manager on the international market for the past 10 years. 


  • Development and implementation of integrated corporate brands
  • Development, revision and optimisation of brand strategies in single- and multi-brand companies
  • Analysis, development and implementation of marketing strategies and plans, including market and brand research
  • Interim marketing management positions and functions
Dr. Harald Münzberg

Senior Competence Partner
// Marketing and Pricing

For more than 25 years, Harald Münzberg has been supporting entrepreneurs of medium-sized businesses and industrial and commercial companies.

He was involved in various management roles in international management consulting and service companies. The focus of these consultancies was strategy and implementation support, supply chain reorientation and functional strategies in marketing and sales.

He is holding a graduate in business administration with a doctorate from Goethe University Frankfurt, he supports management in raising the potential at the interface with the sales channels.


  • Evaluation and development of pricing and condition architectures
  • Development of pricing processes for complex assortments (>50,000 SKUs)
  • Reorientation of marketing and sales organizations/architecture of the marketing mix
  • Process-oriented reorganisation
  • Market and sales channel analyses
  • Utilizing potential through IT and digitalisation options
Frank Neubauer

Senior Competence Partner
// Personnel and Organization

Frank Neubauer has held senior management and consulting positions for the past 30 years. He is a fully qualified lawyer, holds a Master of Public Administration, a Master’s degree (M.Sc.) in Organisation Consulting and is a certified business coach.


  • Development and implementation of HR strategies and (re-)organisation measures
  • Development and implementation of performance management processes and incentive programmes
  • Change management consulting and monitoring
  • Implementation of corporate academies and integrated corporate brands

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