The MIM smartiligy® solution

The smartiligy® concept developed by the Management Institut für den Mittelstand (MIM) is the intelligent and systematic development and expansion of organisational agility. Smartiligy® enables enterprises to respond to change quickly and successfully, thus considerably improving their competitiveness.

“The more agile a business is, the greater its capacity to remain ahead of its competitors.”

Entrepreneurial success depends on how fit a company is in responding to growing market complexity and increasingly rapid change. Only organisations that are agile, active and able to adapt their business to change are likely to succeed over time in today's business environment. Agility is the order of the day.

"smartiligy® companies are active, agile and highly attractive to clients, employees and other target groups."

The 4 dimensions of corporate agility

The MIM smartiligy® concept enables companies to develop the agility and vitality they need across all business dimensions based on a clear status determination.

The smartiligy® concept is based on four interconnected agility areas:

MIM smartiligy

  1. Perception agility: fast comprehension and goal-oriented interpretation
  2. Interaction agility: clear comprehension and constructive cooperation
  3. Implementation agility: rapid solution finding and market maturity
  4. Adaptation agility: flexible adaptability and responsiveness.

"smartiligy® activates untapped potentials and opens up new, undreamt-of possibilities.” 

What makes smartiligy® so smart

Whatever area our clients choose to optimise their company’s agility, the effects will be felt throughout the company where they will trigger sustained improvement dynamics.

MIM has developed solutions and designed event concepts that enable companies to choose an agility approach that suits their individual requirements.

MIM's competence partners will be happy to help you find the right smartiligy® approach. Interested? Please feel free to contact us for comprehensive, non-binding information about the smartiligy® concept. We look forward to hearing from you.

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