An integrated corporate brand

An integrated corporate brand is the mental picture multiple stakeholders have of a company. A brand develops in peoples’ minds from the products and services a company offers and how a company is known and recognised. A brand develops from how it is perceived by each individual employee and how the employees behave, from the shape of corporate structures and processes and through the way a company communicates its social and environmental responsibilities.

It is all about perception (and interpretation) rather than pure facts. A successful integrated corporate brand leads to a positive first impression, deeply rooted basic trust, high-commitment stakeholders with strong emotional bonds – even in turbulent times, and, most importantly, ensures a company's long-term survival.

The Management Institut für den Mittelstand (MIM) helps its clients design and implement a corporate brand that will consistently and convincingly communicate your company’s personality both externally and internally. Please feel free to contact us to find out what your integrated corporate brand could look like.

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