A firm grasp on the future?

MIM's survey on megatrends for medium-sized companies.

The Management Institut für den Mittelstand (MIM) wants to find out how current megatrends such as globalisation, urbanisation and changing values in the professional and private worlds can impact medium-sized companies. An understanding of how megatrends develop and what consequences they have is crucial for developing measures for converting potential risks into opportunities.

MIM collates the responses and analyses whether and how megatrends directly impact the thinking and actions of medium-sized companies. As an institute, we are interested in constant interdisciplinary exchange with decision-makers, companies and progressive thinkers in order to stay on the cutting edge. The survey only takes a few minutes and consists of seven questions on mega-, macro- and microtrends. The survey does not require any disclosure of corporate and personal data. All participating companies will receive conclusive, first-hand information, which can be used for future planning and strategic decision-making.

Please contact us if you would like to participate in our survey on megatrends. The survey will be conducted either by telephone or by e-mail (PDF questionnaire). 

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